Interactive map

In the 23 years of Committee reviews of State Party reports (until mid-2016), the Committee issued 126 recommendations on the content of children’s right to acquire a nationality. An additional 226 recommendations have been made on measures of implementation that states should take in order to improve the protection of children’s right to acquire a nationality. In total, 89 different states have received relevant recommendations from the Committee. For more on the different types of recommendation issued by the Committee and the content covered to date, see the section of the Toolkit which explains the role of the CRC.

Explore the recommendations issued by the Committee using the map below. You can view which countries received substantive recommendations (yellow) and to which countries the Committee recommended the adoption of certain implementing measures (purple). Switch the “layers” on or off to see the two different types of recommendation. Hover your cursor over a relevant country to see what topics the Committee addressed in its recommendation(s) and click on the country to read an extract from the latest recommendation(s) issued by the Committee. You can zoom in or out on the map by scrolling up or down on your mouse and you can also use the search box to find a specific country.