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The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion has developed this Toolkit to assist civil society in its endeavours to effectively engage the Committee on the Rights of the Child to ensure that States fulfil their obligations under Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to promote, respect and fulfil every child’s right to acquire a nationality, and to ensure that no child is stateless.

The Toolkit comprises ten sections which can be read together or individually, depending on the reader’s existing level of knowledge and interest. Click on the content below to download separate sections or choose the “DOWNLOAD THE FULL TOOLKIT” download button to access the entire Toolkit as a single file. You can also download the accompanying analytical database.


Part A: Understanding the problem and how to engage with the CRC

1.            Introduction, including foreword by Benyam Dawit Mezmur, chairperson of the Committee on the Rights of the Child                            

2.            About the right of every child to a nationality                                                               

3.            About engaging with the Committee on the Rights of the Child                                    

4.            The Convention on the Rights of the Child reporting cycle and opportunities for civil society engagement

Part B: Tools for identifying issues and preparing a CRC submission

5.            Checklist for identifying issues relating to the child’s right to a nationality          

6.            Template for civil society submissions on the child’s right to a nationality                              

7.            Instructions for using the CRC Concluding Observations database on the child’s right to a nationality

Part C: Annexes / further reading

8.            Relevant excerpts of other treaties, treaty bodies and special procedures

9.            Resources and further reading                                                                                              

10.          List of abbreviations and glossary of key terms