Reporting Template

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion has developed a template to serve as a suggested model to help civil society stakeholders draft thematic submissions on the Article 7 “right to acquire a nationality”. The template serves as a guide, and it is not necessary for you to strictly follow it, rather to draw inspiration from it and adapt it to suit your context. This template is intentionally comprehensive so as to be as useful a tool as possible. You should not feel that your submission is required to be as comprehensive, and are encouraged to tailor your submissions according to your context and purpose.

You may also find it helpful to refer to the section of the Toolkit which contains a 10-point Checklist. guiding civil society stakeholders in the assessment of issues, legal gaps, and conditions in which statelessness may arise and manifest in countries under review.


Points to be mindful of when drafting a submission


Certain aspects of drafting a submission for the CRC Committee require specific attention. The purpose, content, structure and format, and outcome are all important point to keep in mind when drafting a submission. 

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